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Join SurfingProfit now and surf every day in the Traffic Exchanges that participate in our daily promo for get guaranteed prizes.

How do you get our guaranteed prizes?

We have a pool for prizes every day that is distributed among all our members who participate in our daily promo.

All you need to get a prize is surf 59 pages in each Traffic Exchange. For every 59 pages surfed you get a ticket. The more pages you surf, the more tickets you get and your prize will be higher, because the total of our daily prize pool is divided by the total of received tickets by our members. For example, if you get 10 tickets you will get 10 parts of our daily pool for prizes. If the daily pool is $30 and there are a total of 100 tickets, each ticket gets $0.30, and if you have 10 tickets, that day you earn $3.

The more you surf the more you win!

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Today's Promo

Pool: $1.00

Surf 59 pages in each Traffic Exchange to qualify for today's pool distribution