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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is
SurfingProfit is a website that offers an advertising service for Traffic Exchange sites by making daily promotions for these traffic exchanges in order to be beneficial for both users and owners of traffic exchanges.

Can any traffic exchange participate?
No. Only traffic exchanges with the LFMTE script are supported.

SurfingProfit is free?
Yes. For any member of a traffic exchange SurfingProfit is free. Only traffic exchange owners have to pay a small fee for their websites to participate in our daily promotions.

What payment gateways does SurfingProfit use?
We currently work with Uphold.

How do I receive my commission payments?
Payments are sent to the user's Uphold account every time it exceeds $10 in commissions. When you reache $10 in commissions you will see a button to request withdrawal. And in a maximum of 24 hours you will have your money in your Uphold account. If you don't have a Uphold account you can sign up and create a free account from here.

What is a promo?
A promo is an event to promote traffic exchange sites, and consists of surfing x number of pages in each traffic exchange.
A promo can be made up of a traffic exchange or several, and in each of them the user has to meet the requirement of surfing at least 59 pages to qualify for the SurfingProfit prizes. For each block of 59 pages surfed, the user gets a ticket, which will then be exchanged for a cash prize.

What is a pool?
When traffic exchange owners invest in SurfingProfit promos, a pool is generated for each promo. That pool is the money that is distributed among all the users who complete each promo.

What are the tickets and what are they used for?
For every 59 pages surfed in traffic exchanges a ticket is generated. A user can collect as many tickets as he wants. Then those tickets become cash prizes because the pool of each promo is divided by the total number of tickets generated. For example: There is a pool of $30 and a total of tickets generated of 100. Each ticket gets a cash prize of $0.30. And if a user has a total of 10 tickets, her prize will be $3.

I have questions that are not here. Where can I ask?
If your question is not here, you can ask your questions by opening a support ticket.